When your business supports OECR you will be helping to support fellow business owners and those starting their careers. OECR fundraises for established, grassroots organisations that take a hands-on approach to create positive change and equality for people with lived experience of racism.

We're launching with support for ‘Create Not Hate’.

Create Not Hate is a mentorship and training programme first launched by Quiet Storm founder Trevor Robinson OBE in 2007. It has two important aims: to help young people who are underrepresented in the creative industry unlock their potential - in turn increasing diversity in advertising - and to address social issues they live with every day.

It was relaunched in 2020 on the back of the worldwide spotlight on racial injustice and the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement. By tapping into the creativity of underrepresented or hard to reach young people – the ones who can best express and relate to the issues – the initiative hopes to bring about real change.

We are incredibly proud of Trevor & Rania's support, funds from members packs will go directly into upcoming programmes. 

As OECR grows, we already have the Mentor Black Business initiative confirmed as a second beneficiary.

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We are extremely grateful to those that have already committed their time and energy and we welcome others to join us to do the same. If you would like to volunteer a small amount of time - get in touch

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Adnam’s brewery, based in Southwold, have been active supporters of taking the campaign to a national audience from its humble beginnings. They are among the launch organisations who have joined the OECR initiative and they continue to look for more ways to help. We hugely appreciate their ongoing support.


Who is behind this?

I'm Jessica Gregson. I'm a small business owner. I am originally from Sheffield, lived in London for 20 years and now live in Suffolk. 

I don't have lived experience of racism. I have friends, family and ex-colleagues that do. There is no question to me that we need to do what we can to accelerate change. 

I might have kicked this off, but it's been the result of discussion and consultation with a diverse set of people who have lived experience of racism and are from underrepresented and marginalised groups.


A formal steering group (some of which already appear on the site) is being formed to ensure this initiative continues to amplify and support the right voices. If you think you should join the steering group, please get in touch here.