Open to everyone.
Closed to racism.

Open to everyone. Closed to racism has a simple aim. Help businesses take a stand against racism. 

If you would like to be part of a growing movement of businesses who want to create anti-racist, inclusive places to work and buy, this is for you.

Becoming a member provides:

- A ready made campaign for your premises and online platforms

- Free anti-racism and allyship education resources

- Discounted, affordable training from respected DEI consultants

+ you will donate to grassroots organisations that have a hands-on approach to helping people from underrepresented and marginalised groups to release their potential in business.


This all started with a simple premise...
​Give a small British, coastal town the opportunity to show support whilst so many people protested around the world to fight racism.

The idea was to create something visual, thought-provoking and simple that business owners could share in their storefronts on the High Street. If lots of stores took part, each small action would be amplified and united it would be more noticeable. It had the potential to get attention and inspire discussion that might not normally take place.

It has grown into something more useful. Open to everyone. Closed to racism. has been designed to help businesses, especially small & medium sized business who often don't have the available resource to bring in consultants, to navigate this space and take confident steps to being an anti-racist organisation.



Trevor Robinson OBE, Founder. Create Not Hate and Quiet Storm.

“Open to Everyone, Closed to Racism is a brilliant and brave organisation - I love the simple but powerful way it confronts racism. I’m conscious of the impact of racism because its affected me since I was born. The fact Jess has felt compelled to do this as someone who does not share these experiences, is truly inspiring. Create Not Hate is grateful and excited for this partnership and we look forward to seeing the powerful impact we can make together.”