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We're closing new memberships for the rest of 2022, to focus on 3 UK-based pilots that will see cohorts of small businesses take part in an inclusion and allyship 'accelerator'. In these programmes, business owners and their teams will work through a series of impactful tasks with a peer group, each creating real change in their business. They will be able to share their experiences and support each other in safe spaces, with expert facilitators.

Once we have measured the impact of this approach, we hope to open these programmes up to a broader group of organisations. as part of a roll out in 2023. 


If your business would like to be part of a pilot this year, or a future programme, register your interest here.

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Others ways to help

Could you do more?

In order to expand the library of resources that businesses can access for free, we also need help from bigger organisations.

Sponsorship will help us to commission new guides for business owners and create valuable specialist guides for particular sectors and even fund training for businesses. Sponsoring Open to everyone. Closed to racism is easy, the team are all volunteers so all of your money will go directly into resources, you will receive transparent budgets and any donations to our beneficiaries can be given direct.

Here are some of the initiatives that you could help to fund.

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Tackling racism with customers

Racism is sadly not uncommon in our pubs, bars and cafes. Funding would help us to produce resources for business owners who want to help their staff stand up to racism in their premises.

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Supporting schools

We've been asked to create video material for schools, specifically in areas where diversity is low. We're currently looking for a sponsor to help us make high-quality video content with National Geographic Kids to help teachers open up the discussion about racism in classrooms.

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